New Release DVD
Services for new and existing DVDNow Kiosk Distributors

Through the years of being in the DVDNow kiosk business, I have come
into various ways to help reduce cost of running the buisness and also of
promoting the buisness.  Below is a list of links that will help you reduce
the cost of running your DVDNow kiosk business.
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Low Cost new release DVDs

Whether you're starting up new kiosks or just need the larger
quantities of DVDs at a reduced rate for additional stocking or
restocking your kiosks.

RFID labels and MORE!

  • RFIDs for both the 110 and 250 kiosks
  • Insert Arrow labels
  • Customer service labels
  • Side panel artwork

Signs, Banners and other promotional items

Looking for ways to promote and expand your business?
  • Kiosk Toppers
  • Store Front signs
  • Banners
  • Door Toppers
  • Custom Signs