New Release Signs

New Release Signs began in 2007 as another cost conscience way of promoting the DVD kiosk business.  
We choose to invest in the equipment to prepare various banners and signs to promote the business.  
After going to our local sign shop and being charged $70 to modify our backlit sign on the 110 kiosks and
another $250 for a 6' banner, we decided there must be a better way!  My husband Troy's background is
in CAD so this became a perfect fit!

We use Oracal 651 Film (6 year outdoor durablity) which comes in 60 colors!  So any color combination
can be customized to your order.
View color chart.
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Kiosk Personalizing

We have taken and added business information onto each of our kiosks.  As shown in
this photo, we added the price of the rental onto the top surface of the kiosk.  This
way, people that are standing 50 feet away, can see what is your rental rate.  All this
work is custom design (color, font, etc)

With the 250 kiosks, we have added two lines of information.  The top row has the
company name and phone number, whereas the bottom row has DVD and Blu-ray
rental rates.  Lately we have been doing this using the DVD and Blu-ray logos.

As for the backlit sign on the 110 kiosk, we have personalized this with our company
information. We added the company name at the top with the website and customer
service phone number on the bottom of the existing insert.  Backlit signs use a
different type of vinyl specifically designed to be translucent and to withstand the
heat. We also have totally redesigned the insert to customer specifications using a
blank opaque backlit film.  This particularly comes in handy when you remove the
backlit sign and replace with a flat screen TV.  Then you can use your backlit sign as
another means of promoting the kiosk. i.e. store window.

Pricing Information - Kiosk Personalizing      Price first item
Top of kiosk personalizing                                   $15 (2 lines)
                                                                $20 (3 lines)
                                                                $25 (4 lines)
- Discounts                                                     $5 OFF each additional
Backlit Sign modification                                       $10/strip
New Backlit Insert - custom                                  $50 single color
                                                                 $10 each additional color        
Promotional Signs

Again, this is another personalized sign with adhesive backing to
promote your business.  We have worked with many kiosks owners
to design their signs.  In this sign, I worked with the two-tone sign
theme already being used at the store.  As shown, the sign also
includes our company name.  These can be made in any size, but
the one shown is 14"x21".

Pricing Information                        Price First Item
Window sign (14"x21")                        $25
Window sign (18"x24")                        $30
-Discounts                                        $5 OFF each additional
Door Toppers

In all our locations we have the subtle reminder of the DVD rental kiosk at
that location.  This photo is showing a "double-door" topper.

IN Doors
As you are entering the location, all the doors have a customized saying,
"New Release DVD Rentals $1.49 plus tax per night".  This can be any
customized saying.

OUT Doors
As the customer is exiting the location, the reverse saying is: "Did you
remember the movie?  Only $1.49 plus tax per night".  Again, these are
customized for each kiosk owner and can say anything you'd like.

Pricing Information                                Price First Item
Single-door topper                                      $15 per side
- Discounts                                               $5 OFF for exact item
Double-door topper                                    $30 per side
- Discounts                                               $10 OFF for exact item
Be sure to supply glass width on doors when ordering.

On the left are two different CAD drawings of banners we had
designed for two different locations.  We try to advertise the
location and the DVD kiosk both on the banners.  But again,
these are custom banners and are all made to order. Our
banners are 24 and 36 inch height, but can be made anything
less, if requested.

Reflective vinyl can be added to offset and reflective certain
words in the middle of the night!

The bottom photo is a banner that was mounted to an existing
3'x4' wooden sign the customer had on site. The "$1 DVD
Rentals" was done using reflective vinyl.
Pricing Information                                       Price First Item

3'x4' banner*                                                             $50
3'x6' banner*                                                             $75
Each additional ft in length                                        $15
Reflective (per word up to 1' length)                         $10
Conversion logo into format, if necessary                 $25
Double sided banner                                                add 50% more to the cost of regular
- Discounts                                                             10% OFF additional identical banner
*All banners have grommets in all 4 corners plus every 2' down top and bottom of banner,
unless indicated differently.
Real Estate Signs

These signs come in two sizes:  12x18 and 18x24.  The signs are a little more
challenging for shipping because of the stakes, unless multiple quantities are ordered.
 These are also custom made signs where you indicate what is to be on the signs.

Pricing Information                        Single color price        Two-color price

12"x18" sign, single sided                            $20                                $25
12"x18" sign, doulble sided                          $30                                $35
18"x24" sign, single sided                            $35                                $45
18"x24" sign, double sided                           $50                                $60                        

Reflective (per word up to 12")                     $10
- Discounts                                                10% OFF additional identical item
Custom Vinyl Decals

Whether you're looking to get a holographic Mustang, naming a boat or personalizing your business equipment, let us
give you a quote!  Most all work can be shipped out within a week after the designs have been approved!
Banner Special!
We have obtained some discounted GREEN and BLUE banners for designing.  They come in the following sizes:  
2'x4'($35), 2'x6' ($50), 2'x8'($65), 3'x4' ($40), 3'x6' ($60) and 3'x8' ($85). Pricing based on single vinyl lettering color. $5
additional for second color.  
Hurry!  Quantities limited!