Become a part of the future!  With the US
following European trends, host a DVD
rental kiosk in your business!
New Release DVD Rentals
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A Revolution in Self-Service Technology

Finally, the way that consumers rent movies has been
revolutionized - the days of the giant rental stores are
numbered.  People today demand convenience.  Just as
ATM's have all but replaced bank tellers for daily deposits and
withdrawals, DVD rental kiosks are set to replace traditional
video stores fore the rental of New Releases.  New Release
rentals account for nearly 90% of the revenue in the nearly
$10 Billion DVD rental market!
Convenience is key -

Today's busy consumer will always try to minimize the number of stops
when running errands.  That is the reason why gas stations have added
grocery essentials, why supermarkets offer pharmacy, florists, and photo
processing, and why convenience stores are now offering just about
everything.  Given the choice, customers will grab a movie without making
an extra stop on their way home.  Our DVDNow kiosks are the perfect fit
for grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, office buildings and other
venues that consumers frequent on a regular basis.
Potential or Existing DVDNow Distributors

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