About New Release DVD

New Release DVD started in 2006 in Chester County, PA and was one of the
privately owned companies to introduce the DVDNow self-service rental kiosk.

Our DVDNow rental kiosk is a fully-automated, Internet-connected DVD movie
rental machine offering a hassle-free environment in each installation.

Our company has now expanded across 3 states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, and
Delaware - mainly servicing the grocery store industry.
About New Release DVD
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Kiosk Key Features

  • Holds 250 discs (DVD, Blu-ray or game Discs)
  • Glass front doors for easy browsing of titles
  • Rental process takes less than one minute
  • DVDs in original jewel case
  • New movies can be purchased in their original
  • Customers can remove the DVD and then has
    10 minutes to decide if they want to rent the
    movie before their credit card is charged
  • Inventory can be rotated, removed or
    replenished without ever opening the kiosk
  • Accepts major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard,
    American Express, Discover
  • Machine is managed remotely through Internet
  • Video screen cycles through movie trailers and
    multimedia commercials