New Release DVD
New and Used DVDs for sale

New DVDs
A group of us have joined to get better pricing for DVDs.  These are new
release DVDs
but are not available for delivery prior to release date.  Not
every title is available, but many are for the price of
$14.99 each and less.
We do have a selection of DVDs (
yellow highlighted) that can be sent prior
to the release date at a cost of $15.99 (price reduced to $14.99 after
Shipments over 10 DVDs reduced $0.50 per DVD ($14.49 instead of

Used DVDs
We have also negotiated a contract with a used DVD distributor for
purchasing clean, buffed and repackaged DVDs in "
gift quality" condition.  
Most of the new titles sell for
$11.99 whereas some of the slightly older titles
sell for

Ebay Store
We also have used DVDs available through ebay.  Most of these DVDs have
the low frequency RFID tags on them for the 110 kiosks, but there are some
titles that also have the high frequency RFID tags for the 250 kiosks.  If
ordering for your kiosks, please specify which kiosk you are purchasing for
and we will try and include the correct RFID label, if available.  Also with the
ebay store
all orders over $50 have free shipping (Ebay store only).  
Click here to view the ebay store.

We now have most Blu-ray movies that are available with most listed at
$19.99 and Blu-ray/DVD combos at $22.99.  

If you are looking for a title not listed, please ask!!  Many titles are

Below is a link that is an order form with all the DVDs listed, their pricing and
availability.  If you have problems opening up this spreadsheet, please email
us and we will send you the spreadsheet via email.  This spreadsheet is
updated weekly as new titles are becoming available.
Call Today:  (484) 883-0484
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone
If you are interested in purchasing DVDs, please fill out
the Excel order form.  If you do not have Excel, we can
send you an email with all the information posted onto the
email.  Please use the request form below.  

You can then send the completed order to:

Payment can be made in the form of Visa, Master Card,
American Express, Discover and PayPal.  If you would like
to make payment through PayPal our account is:  but please get payment
amount verified first.  We also take phone orders and or
payments at (484) 883-9670.
Large orders need 10-14 days for processing and
shipping.  All orders are shipped Priority USPS.  

New Release titles can be shipped the Thursday
or Friday
after the release date.
Buy Back Program
We have worked out a deal with the local DVD buy back
company where we purchase the used DVDs to buy back
keeping our DVDs separated.  The DVDs will be marked with
either a LF or HF indicating the type of RFID label on the DVD.  
Therefore, if you purchase used DVDs and we know you are
starting up a 250 kiosk then we will ship as many HF labeled
DVDs as possible thus also saving you money not having to
apply the HF RFID onto the DVD.
Payment Schedule:
Price   Days Since Release
$5.00   1-60
$4.50   61-90
$4.00   91-120
$3.50   121-180
$2.00   181-365
$1.00   over 1 year