New Release DVD
Services We Provide for Location Providers

New Release DVD rental kiosks are being deployed at various
locations, starting in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Most targeted
locations have 24 hour accessibility.  After locations are identified and
approved, the DVD rental kiosk will be installed.  Then weekly
additions of new release DVDs are inserted into the machine.  Older
DVDs can be sold directly through the DVD kiosk machine as
another means of generating revenue!

The equipment will be maintained with current new releases  - hours
before the traditional video stores are open for business!
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We are not only trained in
the operation of the
equipment, but we are also
specialists that take care of
every aspect of the
business.  We take into
account the rental trends of
each machine when ordering
DVDs, provide customer
service to the DVD renters,
and provide you with the
revenue report!  Working
with us, an authorized
DVDNow Distributor, allows
you to receive the many
benefits from providing self
service DVD rentals without
taking focus off your core
Why Host a DVDNow Rental Kiosk?

  • There is no cost to you for hosting a DVDNow kiosk
  • Set-up fees will be paid by New Release DVD
  • Hosting a DVDNow rental kiosk will introduce a powerful new
    revenue stream into your existing business
  • In addition to receiving a percentage of revenue, your business
    will benefit from increased traffic and repeat visits when
    customers come back to return their rentals
  • DVDNow rental kiosks solve key market concerns that have not
    been addressed in any prior comprehensive product
  • Cross promotional opportunities and co-marketing campaigns
    further the potential to have a positive, and measurable, impact
    on your existing business
  • New Release DVD will take care of the rental kiosk allowing
    your staff to focus on your existing business
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